Superior Safety Programs.

Farming has long been the backbone of California's economy.  It grows increasingly more difficult though with the constant stream of regulations implemented yearly.   Currently servicing over 200 valley growers and processors, Cal Ag Safety works to help reduce some of that burden by providing assistance in compliance with federal, state and local safety requirements.   Our team consists of individuals who have diverse farming backgrounds as well as specific expertise and credentials when it comes to DPR, Cal OSHA and Food Safety regulations.

This gives us the ability to create fully compliant and superior safety programs that are custom tailored to your specific operation.   We provide all of the necessary trainings, on a season-sensitive schedule, to ensure that your employees are equipped to work as safely as possible, and that your program remains up-to-date and consistently compliant.   If you need help navigating through the complex landscape that is DPR, Cal OSHA and Food Safety requirements, look no further than Cal Ag Safety.  After all, we are the experts in Bringing Compliance to California Agriculture.