Cal OSHA:   Are you compliant with Cal OSHA regulations?

Do You Have

  • • A written Injury & Illness Prevention Program

  • • A written Heat Illness Program

  • • A Hazard Communication Program

  • • Lockout/Blockout Plan

Do you Regularly

  • • Perform and Document Hazard Assessments & Correction of Those Hazards

Do You Train Your Employees Annually On

  • • Tractor/Farm equipment safety

  • • Heat illness prevention

  • • Safety Hazards Unique To Your Operations

If not, don't worry; Cal Ag Safety is here to help! We have over 60 years of OSHA experience at our disposal. This gives us the ability to create highly superior and fully compliant Cal OSHA Safety Programs. These programs include:

  • • Creation of an Injury and Illness Prevention Program (the cornerstone of any truly compliant Cal OSHA

       Safety Program) that is custom tailored to fit the specific needs of your operation.

  • • Heat Illness Prevention Plan

We then provide all of the training's outlined in your program to keep it up-to-date and compliant. These training's include, but    are not limited to:

  • • General farm safety training on: tractors, PTO, implement, ladder, ATV, pruning, slip trip & fall, field

       sanitation, harvesting, lifting and back safety, chainsaw, lock-out & tag-out

  • • Forklift certification training provided by a certified trainer

  • • CPR & First Aid training provided by a certified trainer